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How We Generated $1,640,085 In New Business For Factory LED Direct

Working with Affordable Web Design we generated over $1.6 million in quotations within 90 days of the site going live.

Clint McGee

Owner , Factory LED Direct

Lets kick off this case study with a question:

Are you happy with the revenue of your business?

Of course your not!

You wouldn’t be reading this article if you were. You would be too busy counting piles of money and deciding where your private yacht will take you to next.

That’s OK 66% of small and medium business owners say that finding new customers is their top concern.

👉🏼 The reason so many business owners have the same problem is because they are doing everything the same way.

Factory LED Direct knew that to compete with the main players in their market they needed $10 million per year in revenue. We were starting at $0. They needed traffic, a website that would convert customers and business support.

Did we mention that they had tried this 5 times before and each time it failed?

What was needed was a Superhero, thankfully we were on hand. With our $150 website and $300 monthly budget we were off.

The Website

When building any website to make it a success there are a few simple questions that you need to answer:


  • What does your website need to achieve? is it store visits, online sales, phone calls or something else?
  • What is the USP? is it quality, price or brand awareness?
  • What are the strengths of your business? Do you have great customer service? great sales people or something else?
  • What are the mistakes you made previously?
  • What are your competitors doing that you are not?
  • What are your customers objections to buying from you?
  • List your customers objections in importance from highest to lowest.


Here is what we found out about Factory LED Direct:

  • The website needed to drive online sales and phone calls for larger unique quotes,
  • The USP was that Factory LED products were cheaper with the same or superior quality,
  • The strengths are their products and their sales team,
  • Mistakes were using lower quality agencies in the past,
  • They had high quality websites with a thought out strategic marketing plan,
  • The objections are price, quality and USA customer support,
  • Most important to least is Price, Quality and USA Customer Support.


With this information we knew what our website had to achieve, the objections we had to overcome, what order to tackle them and an excellent sales team. We could then create a customer journey with 3 steps. Each step was designed to overcome an objection before finally leading to a sale or calling the sales team.

Step 1. Low Pricing

Step 2. Quality

Step 3. USA Customer Support

 Make A Sale

 Call The Sales Team

Find The Leads

Lead generation is the holy grail for business growth. If i could just get more of the right people to my site then all my problems would be solved. If your business has a clearly defined customer then Linkedin should be your new best friend. Nothing comes close when you are talking about quality leads in a single location.

We knew that electrical contractors and electrical estimators were two ideal customers at Factory LED Direct. A quick search for Electrical Contractors in the USA delivers 4819 results. That’s 4819 potential customers.

What was that about struggling for leads?😏


We have the website and we have our leads what do we do next?

10 Points to everyone that said message them.

We are undercover in our customers network. We are in a position to delight them by solving their problems and become their reliable source for LED Lighting.

👉🏼 Remember this rule: automate to scale, be human to build relationships.

Time to start the engine 



Where Does This Leave Us

At this moment in time we have got:

  • A website that answers all the objections a customer could have,
  • A consistent method for generating thousand of leads a month,
  • A great closer.

A Quick Note

Here is a quick note, this was not a get rich quick scheme. Those don’t exist, a lot of research, effort and testing went into this project. However, it demonstrates that it is possible for anyone.

Mind = Blown

Now that your mind has been sufficiently blown. Catch your breath and don’t feel bad that this isn’t your business. Regain your composure click the button, lets make another success story.