Looking For Cheap Website Design?

Are you looking for cheap website design? Delivered on time by a team of experts? At Affordable Web Design we build sites for $100 and E-commerce stores for $150

You can find case studies of all our work right here explaining the brief, how we solved the problem and the results. Including one client who closed $20,000 in sales within the first month.

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Bauhaus Design

We believe that the bauhaus design principles of “form follows function” is the future of web design. Have you ever visited a site and couldn’t find what you were looking for? Or waited forever for some pointless image, video or page to load?

Form follows function leaves these problems in the past. The first question we will ask you is “What do you want your site to achieve” Do you need:

  • store visits?
  • Online Sales?
  • Lead Generation?
  • Email Collection?

Or Something else? We will build your site from the ground up with the function (what you need it to achieve) being our one and only focus, every part of your site should support that end goal.

The Best Bit?

The best bit? As well as a modern website, built from start to finish with your goal in mind. You will receive lifetime support, maintenance and training. Once you have your website the biggest questions people ask are:

  • How do i keep my website up to date?
  • What if i want to make changes?
  • How do i use my website?

With Affordable Web Design you no longer need to worry about those problems. All of our sites come with a support package, which includes hosting, website maintenance, website updates, training on your new site, minor changes to your site and phone support with a real person to talk through any issues.